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Cait's Event Staffing, Consultation and Training.


Taking your event from ordinary, to extraordinary.

Caitlynne Medrek is an award winning entrepreneur and artist. She has won awards in L.A., New York City, Calgary and more.  Her expertise is not just ON stage, but behind the scenes as well.   

Cait's Staffing, Consultation, Training and Event Education allows you to take your employees and events from ordinary, to extraordinary.   

Caitlynne has received guidance and studied under the top customer service institutions in the world like; The Disney Institute,  WestJet, Calaway Park and more.  Her knowledge and experience takes YOUR event staff from competent at their tasks, to magic makers and customer experience experts.  Cait teaches and trains YOUR staff on how to create experiences rather than transactions, in costume or out. 

Have Caitlynne take your event one step further, and have her fully staff your event with broadway caliber talent - from performances, musicians, original stage shows, or simply - bartenders or face painters. She'll train, hire, schedule and manage your event staff and entertainment. 


We have it all and can do it all, so let us help you make your event MAGICAL. 


Caitlynne provided exceptional customer service training and performance direction as Lead in Entertainment at Calaway Park for 3 years. 


Caitlynne hires, schedules and trains the entire entertainment staff for Noel Festival every year.

Caitlynne consults on many shows and projects around the city.
Seen here: Zoo Street.
Caitlynne helped shaped the show and complete costumes. 

Caitlynne writes original stage shows for all opportunities and events; pictured here 'Don't Stop Believing' an original musical written for The Make A Wish Foundation Gala!


Caitlynne and her team can take any event staff, and turn them into superstars with life long performance and customer service skills that they can take with them and utilize in all of life's adventures. 


Caitlynne managed the entire Elf team at Chinook Mall.

Caitlynne helps train Professional Sports teams on public speaking, camera confidence, and working with children! 

Need a Santa? Need a facepainter? Need a Piano Player? 


We've got you covered. 

email to get your consultation quote today. 

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