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Hello Magical Friends!

Thank you for your interest in a

YYC PRINCESS experience;

My name is Caitlynne, I am the Fairy Godmother of YYC PRINCESS.

As a professional actress, with a sincere love of magic and playing dress up, starting YYC PRINCESS seemed like a no brainer to me, and since 2016 - YYC PRINCESS has become Calgary's top choice for princess entertainment - it even won me the great honour of being Avenue Magazine's Top 40 under 40, class of 2020.

I was a Disney child.  Forcing my mother to rewind the Beauty and the Beast VHS at least three times per day.  Id fall asleep reading  "The Little Mermaid" and belt out 'Part of Your World" to anyone who would listen.  To this day, I still blame Ariel for my love of Scuba Diving and the Ocean, and I blame Belle for my love of poofy dresses and sense of adventure. In hindsight, I'm surprised YYC PRINCESS didn't occur to me sooner, however, the birth of YYC PRINCESS did come at the most perfect time for it to be PART OF MY WORLD.


My love of performing, singing, dancing, wearing giant dresses, and going on daring adventures had to come from somewhere, and I believe my awareness of these passions came from the brave princesses I watched growing up.  So I created YYC Princess with the hopes of inspiring children to be creative, unique and themselves. I recognized the influence that the Princesses have on young minds, and I refuse to take that responsibility lightly.  YYC PRINCESS contracts performers who come from authentic strength, talent, beauty and bravery in all areas of life.  We are so lucky to have these women inspire the next generation of princesses. 

Princess magic

Baby Caitlynne and her Little Mermaid Book!

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 12.36.09
Top 40 Under 40
Avenue Magazine 
Class of 2020
Fairy Godmother YYC Princess

"I want all of us at YYC PRINCESS to encourage creativity and magic. Any princess can come into your home and give your child a 'make-over' but here at YYC PRINCESS, I believe that there are more exciting and magical ways to excite and encourage young princes and princesses as they turn another year older."

All YYC Princesses are trained actors, singers and dancers, They are Betty Mitchell Award Winning Actors, Certified Stage Combat Instructors, School Teachers, Professional Ballerinas, Opera Singers, Nurses and more. They have extensive resumes in Children's Theatre around Alberta.  They have all passed police background checks. 

Dreams do come true. 

YYC PRINCESS is MY happily ever after.

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